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You. A room. 60 minutes.

Can you escape?


What is an escape room?

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A mad scientist has given you and your team a cognitive enhancing concoction and is using you as human guinea pigs in order to test the effects of his creation. You must complete the mind-bending challenges he has laid out for you in his facility in order to escape - or else!

Capacity: 4 to 8 players

Recommended: 5 to 7 players

Success Rate: ~20%




It's the late 1950s, and a mysterious stranger has assembled you - a crack team of spies - to infiltrate the nefarious Ares Industries. Your mission is simple: destroy their powerful new weapon before it can be unleashed on the world! 

Capacity: 4 to 8 players

Recommended: 5 to 6 players

Success Rate: ~40%

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Weekday (Mon-Thurs)

$20* per person

Weekend (Fri-Sun)

$25* per person 


Book now online!


*All rates are taxes included

Ages 16+ (exceptions can be made with parental accompaniment)

Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of time to ensure your full hour experience!


Located on the Second Floor above Stellar Lanes
1220 Stellar Drive Unit #206
Newmarket, ON

Free Parking

Phone: (289) 366 7192


If you have any questions about our business, booking or just want to have an extra friendly talk, feel free to contact us!